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You may make various tints and shades of a single hue with the color shades generator. To acquire different shades of a color, simply enter it in rgb, hex, hsl, or hsv. For each of these hues, you'll also obtain values in several forms. You may quickly access the color values by clicking on the shades below the color palette. These values will be automatically copied to your clipboard if you click on them.

The color shades generator generates 10 tints and 10 shades for the specified color by default, but you can increase the number of tints and shades by adjusting the slider.

How to Use Our Tints Shades Generator?

  • In the textbox above, type the value of your color in any format (RGB, HEX, RGBA, HSL, HSV etc.)
  • Alternatively, you can choose your color using the color picker.
  • Using the slider, choose the amount of hues you'd want to create.
  • Other shades of the hue will be generated, which you can chose to see more detail
  • Copy the value of a specified color in HEX by clicking it.
  • The value will be copied to your clipboard straight.
  • You can conduct a manual copy if your browser does not enable copying values to the clipboard via script.
  • We do not save any of the information you enter, and everything is done within your browser. 😊